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Be Yourself AgainTM
Drive Body

Boost Your Day with Natural Energy and Focus

Say goodbye to sugar-filled energy drinks loaded with harmful chemicals and replace your energy needs with Drive Body.
  • CBD EnhancedTM all-natural blend supercharges your day with a steady flow of clean energy with no sugar crash!
  • Improve concentration and focus.
  • Boost mental performance, positivity, and clarity to be your best at work, school, and home.
All-Natural Ingredients – Always!
  • Research and clinical trial backed.
  • Non-addictive ingredients.
  • Sourced from nature with no harmful fillers or additives.

“Our vision is to help alleviate the mental and physical suffering of millions of people, using all-natural, non- addictive, science-backed ingredients.”

Jon Black
Chief Executive Officer

Scientifically Backed

Through 100 scientific case studies and 2 years of pre-clinical trials, we’ve proven our products' effectiveness in promoting feelings of bliss.

All Natural Products

Each capsule contains our all natural, proprietary energy blend of roots, extracts, Caffeine, and CBD. All our ingredients are safe and effective. We know because we take it too!

Mood Booster

Drive Body contains alkaloids, which will help release serotonin and other healthy neurotransmitters, boosting your mood and improving your well being.

Energy Boost MIND + BODY

Improve Energy and Productivity - Naturally!

If you're struggling with low energy and tired of harmful energy drinks or struggling with mental fog, and lack of focus, Drive Body can help!

Drive Body is carefully formulated with natural ingredients to get you through the ruts of everyday life. Discover how you can achieve sharper focus, natural energy, and improved concentration for work, school, sports, and hobbies – hope is on the way!.

Why our ingredients work!

These ingredients not only meet the highest quality standards in our industry, they are also backed by over 100 scientific case studies showing their effectiveness on the very conditions we’re attempting to alleviate!

  • Research showed ingredient to have alerting properties and counteracted sedative activity of THC (our products contain NO THC)1
  • Research indicates that this ingredient induces alertness and might be therapeutic value in sleep disorders that cause you to become drowsy.2
  • Research showed CBD enhanced wakefulness and creased slow wave/REM sleep. Authors noted this suggests CBD is a wake-inducing compound.3

Caffeine has shown to have the following benefits:4

1) Ingredient combats fatigue and drowsiness.
2) FDA Approved for treatment in apnea of prematurity
3) Treating migraine headaches and post-dural puncture headaches
4) Enhancing athletic performance, especially in endurance sports.
5) Links with decreased all-cause mortality
6) Research being conducted in efficacy in treating depression and neurocognitive declines, such as in Alzheimer and Parkinson disease.

Siberian Ginseng is an adaptogenic compound  – Adaptogen’s are defined as herbs that influence various systems to enhance the body’s ability to adapt to stressful situtations; they typically regulate cardiovascular, nervous, and respiratory systems.5

  • Siberian Ginseng helps to regulate the adrenal cortex.5
  • Historically used for fatigue, spleen/kidney health, lower back and knee pain.5
  • Research shows associated with increased blood flow to brain and coronary artiers.5
  • Research showed in vivo increased athletic performance and improved cold resistance.5
  • In vivo studies showed increased production of white blood cells and interferon.5
  • Treatment for angina patients and effective in lowering plasma cholesterol and triglyceride levels.6
  • Research indicates 90% effective in treating patients with symptoms including fatigue, headache, insomnia, poor appetite, and increased body weight.7

Schisandrae is an adaptogenic compound.5

  • Traditionally used for Cough/asthma, to retain body fluids (Kidney help)5
  • Help with diarrhea, and to help “tranquilize the heart” such as palpitations and anxiety.5
  • Research has shown this ingredient provides treament of gastric ulsers, can potentially reverse respiratory depression associated with morphine.5
  • Schisandrae is an immunostimulant, and help with patients suffering from server asthma.5
  • Research shows it stimulates the central nervous system and increases mental alertness, improves work efficiency, and quickens reflexes.8

Gynostemma is an Adaptogenic Compound.5

  • Traditionally used to dispel phlegm, help with respiratory conditions like asthma and to reduce inflammation.5
  • Patients of the herb group showed statistically significant reduction in both total cholesterol and triglyceride levels in comparison to the placebo group.9
  • Research has shown long term use holds beneifits in reducing signs of aging such as fatigue, lack of energy, aversion to cold, diarrhea, poor memory, decreased balance, insomnia, and excessive dreams.10
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Fast Delivery

Our products are shipped to anywhere in the country in less than 5 days!

30 Day Supply

Each jar is roughly a 30-day supply of Drive Body, giving you the calm energy you deserve.

Results Guarantee

Mind + Body promises that all our products will help you feel like yourself again. And if it doesn't, we offer a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee to back that promise up!

Sharper Focus.
Stronger Concentration.
Natural Uplifting Energy
Drive Body.

Don't Just Take Our Word for It!

Hear from people who use and
Love Drive Body!

You've got some questions? Here are some answers

Drive Body is best taken 1-2 capsules as needed. However, do not exceed more than 5 capsules in a 24-hour period. Everyone’s body is unique so, we recommend starting on the low end of dosage and working up as needed.

Most individuals feel the effects of Drive Body in thirty minutes or less. Listen to your body when you want to increase dosage.

Our Body products are carefully designed to help relieve any physical symptoms of stress and anxiety. Mind Products are to help ease your mental worries and set you back on a lighter path.

Energy Boost

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